Rusty and Dee's training, knowledge and experience in the field of K9 behavior creates a proven and successful environment that results in a lifelong bond between the canine and handler.

The philosophy of Southwest Florida K9 Services is based upon behavior modification and adaptation through positive reinforcement training.

Rusty and his police K9 partners have competed at a national level at police K9 competitions and has achieved top honors on numerous occasions. Dee has competed at professional levels and has achieved national K9 titles.

Since 1996 Rusty and Dee have focused their business model primarily on civilian owned pets and offer a wide range of training opportunities from advanced obedience to socialization to agility training, tracking and protection training.

Rusty and Dee's mission is to focus the attention of the animal on the owner/handler and allow their owner to enjoy their "best friend" dynamic settings and environments.

Pet owners across Southwest Florida have seen dynamic improvements in their dog's demeanor and behavior after only a few weeks of training.

We would love the opportunity to work with you and your forever baby to make your relationship with your puppy a fulfilling time in your life.

Rusty and Dee



  • 18 years as Police K9 Instructor/Trainer
  • 14 years as civilian dog trainer
    K9 Instructor:
  • Florida Department of Law Enforcement
  • United States Police Canine Association
  • National Police Canine Association
  • K9 Evaluator/Judge
  • Florida Department of Law Enforcement
  • United States Police Canine Association
  • National Police Canine Association
  • Owner/Head Trainer: SWF K9 Services
  • Cert Obedience Instructor: Penn Foster


You will find Dee on the tracking field on Saturday and Sunday mornings with her Schutzhund titled K-9 Kiwi. Also lead trainer working with the new dogs and puppies on Saturday and Sunday mornings. On Saturday afternoon she is the lead instructor in our AKC Star Puppy Class and works her Kiwi in obedience and protection work on Saturdays and Wednesdays.

"As a small child around 4 years of age I knew I was meant to work with animals in some fashion when I found a litter of kittens discarded on the side of the road wrapped in a pillow case and I brought them home. This was my first attempt at being an animal nurse.

It didn't work out so well as the kittens all passed away but it made me aware that I wanted to grow up helping animals.

Growing up I was given the chores to feed, water and of course clean up after the dogs.

At the age of 10 we adopted a border collie from a local shelter. It was at this time I realized training dogs was going to be a given in my adult life. I began bonding with her and shortly thereafter we began our training regimen. During the summer I would take her outside and teach her to sit and lay down with treats.

As an adult married to a law enforcement K9 officer my first dog to do serious training with was a small female GSD named "Casey". At the time I did not know the difference between imported dogs, backyard bred dogs, puppy mills, working dogs, show dogs or pets.

Luckily for me, she was the product of two imported Schutzhund titled working line German Shepherds. I soon learned how fast working line dogs could be trained due to their inborn instincts to work and their drive to please their handler.We worked together as a team for almost two years in Schutzhund but before I was able to title her she unexpectedly passed away at 2 years of age.
I was broken hearted and vowed to not have anymore dogs, although with my husband being a K9 officer thankfully that was not the case.

I started holding small classes for my friends and coworkers. That was the beginning and I am still excited and look forward to training every time step on the training field. It is my greatest satisfaction with training to take an untrained and unruly animal and turn them into an animal that their owners are proud to own."


Chris will be running the Basic Skill Development Class on Saturday and Sunday Mornings along with Dee. Chris graduated from Animal Behavior College and will be working with the puppies and new K9 teams.


Suzanne is here every Saturday and Sunday mornings to work with our more advanced dogs running AKC routines and Schutzhund components. Her and K9 Rocco have achieved their Schutzhund BH title and she is a great asset here at our training facility.